Are You Ready To Date? 5 Signs To Consider - Maia McGill
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Are You Ready To Date? 5 Signs To Consider

One of my friends asked me, “How do I know when I am ready to date?” My answer was simple, “You are ready to date when the thought of dating no longer consumes you.”

So many women are consumed about dating that they wake up thinking about it, they go to bed thinking about it, they are sad on dateless Friday nights; one minute they want a boyfriend, the next minute they don’t.

It’s all so emotionally confusing to the point that they exhaust themselves and find themselves in a funk, not realizing that all of this emotional drama is so unnecessary.

I’m not saying my word is bond, but I would like to offer a bit of advice to those of you who are wondering if you are ready to date. If any one of the following make you get in your feelings, you ain’t ready to start dating; and guess what? Knowing that will save you some heartache.

So, how do you know when you are ready to date?

You enjoy your own company: Some women don’t like being alone. If you can’t stand your own company, how will you appreciate someone else’s? I also find that people who don’t like to be alone have a tendency to smother the other person when they are in a relationship. It’s okay to enjoy your own company, don’t be intimidated about being alone.

The thought of dating doesn’t consume you: I have thought about dating one time in the last 6 months and it was a fleeting thought, like…”Huh. It would be nice to go out to dinner with a handsome guy.” As soon as I thought it, I went on to thinking about the steak I had marinating in the fridge and did a little jig thinking about the loaded baked potato I was going to eat with it. If the thought of dating consumes you almost daily, you’re not ready. Dating should never be a priority, being a better version of you should be.

You don’t have emotional meltdowns on the weekends: Chileeee, if you are sitting home sad on the weekends because you don’t have a date; you ain’t ready to start dating! I’m so content to Netflix and chill by myself on Friday nights, it’s almost funny. I grab my favorite beverage from the store, get my shower, get in my sweats and hoodie, order (or make) my favorite meal, grab my blanket, all 3 remotes (why do we need so many remotes by the way?) and I’m good. I go to bed with my emotions in tact and I’m not up all hours of the night wondering why he didn’t text. Girl, save the meltdowns for something that deserves it.

You aren’t fickle: One week you want to date, the next week you don’t. One week the guy you like makes you sick, the next week he doesn’t. One week you are giving everything over to Jesus, the next week you are up at the altar ’cause you did grown folks thangs. Y’all make yourselves tired and me too. Get yourself together. Please.

You are content with your current state: Be happy. Enjoy life. Start working on and fulfilling those goals that you set on January 1st (remember?) Get your life boo.

If you read this and can honestly agree that you aren’t ready to date, you have won half the battle. Put your energy and emotions into something that will reap rewards for you. You have plenty of time to date and trust me, it will happen in due season…and when that season comes, you’ll be ready and emotionally stable to handle it. Say Amen somebody.

From my heart to yours,

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