About - Maia McGill
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Maia McGill is one of the most transparent women you will ever meet.

As a conference speaker, minister, workshop presenter and a broken vessel once shattered by divorce and healed from emotional and verbal abuse, she purposes to lead women to the love of God, offering them hope and a future. When it comes to Matters of the Heart, her message is clear…

it’s in your broken places where you are most often used by God.

Maia’s messages are often laced with humor and witty candor as she believes that laughter is like a medicine.

Maia is the Director of Sales for an area hotel and talks to hundreds of people on a monthly basis which is rather comical because she is a true introvert. She prefers to be in her onesie on the sofa reading a good book, so starting a blog was the perfect idea for her.

Besides reading and writing…

She loves shopping for shoes and is a girlie-girl to her core. She enjoys traveling, particularly to places that have sun, sand and fresh seafood.

She is a graduate of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is a proud preacher’s kid, the daughter of Bishop Reginald and Dr. Cynthia McGill of New Life Fellowship in Rochester, NY. Her parents ordained her as a Minister in March of 2016.

Maia is the older sister to the intelligent and witty Adrienne Chambers and the proud sister-in-law to Derek Chambers, fitness guru. And last but not least, she is the  proud mother to a wonderful daughter Gabrielle who is the light of her life and her most wonderful blessing.