Do You Trust God? - Maia McGill
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Do You Trust God?

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of talking myself out of moving forward and walking in the new. Fear of failure or lack of resources to accomplish my dreams has kept me from truly being successful. A college friend of mine named Christina commented on one of my Facebook posts last week and her words resonated deep in my knower (is that a word? I mean, “bigly”┬áis, so certainly “knower” can be. Sorry, I digress.) This is what she wrote:

“Sometimes you just need to jump and God will catch you.”

I mean, I felt that thang honey! My reply:

“Right. Because He’s probably been standing there with His arms wide open. Waiting on us.”

I feel like God has been waiting on me with His arms wide open, ready for me to jump because He’s GOT ME! I somehow forgot that God’s blessings and unmerited favor has already paved the way for me to be successful. Some of us don’t realize how gifted and talented we are and because of that we are living way below our privilege.

I have made other people rich because of my abilities which includes uncovering what people need and providing it to them (the art of sales.) I’m so good at it, I’ve made millions. For others. Not for me. And I get it now…it’s been comfortable having resources at my fingertips and spending other people’s money in order to make money, so I’ve put myself in a box and have convinced myself that I can’t step out on my own.

Lies. All lies.

The contacts that I have made, the places I have been, the things that I have learned and the relationships I have built are all resources at my fingertips; I realized that when I changed my perspective.

The shift in perspective begins to drive out fear and your faith takes hold. I decree that by this time next year I will be working for myself and will be extremely successful.

You’ve gotta speak that thing. Once you speak it, write it. Once you write it, plan it. Once you plan it, execute it. Once you execute it, implement it.

It’s in you to do it. You’ve just gotta jump and know that God will catch you.

It’s my turn, so I’m jumping. Are you jumping with me?

From my heart to yours,


  • Erica
    Posted at 23:38h, 25 October Reply

    AMEN! !!!!!!…

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