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Sometimes you just need really good advice or guidance about a situation from someone who has an impartial view, but will tell you like it is in love. This is the page to do so. Feel free to ask me any question and I will respond weekly, every Thursday evening. You can remain anonymous knowing this is a safe place. Take a peek at some of the questions folks have asked. I look forward to hearing from you!


From my heart to yours, 

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I’m in love with my best friend of 12 years. Do I tell him? 8. April 2016

As long as he’s not married go on and tell him girl! He might be thinking the same thing…we are too old to be wondering. If ya’ll have been friends this long and he’s not feeling the same way, it shouldn’t change your friendship. If it does, it wasn’t my fault. Ha! Seriously though…tell him. Keep me posted!!!

trying to change how I look and just don’t know how use to be into being sex with respect need help getting back 8. April 2016

Your question isn’t clear, so I will do my best to cover all the bases. Feel free to send me an email at: for additional clarity. So, if I’m understanding your question correctly, you are trying to change how you look because it’s seen as sexual and you want to be respected. I applaud your willingness and desire to change. You can still be seen as beautiful, while being fully clothed and fabulous. Ask me how I know? Lol…seriously though. Toning down on makeup, lengthening the length of skirts and dresses just a bit and covering up the breast area a bit can make a big difference. I have seen showstoppers and they are wearing a long dress with sleeves. The color complimented their skin, their shoes were on point, hairstyle fit their face and they walked like a Queen. Chile, she shut the room down and barely had any hips. Unfortunately we have allowed the media to dictate to us what beauty is. Learn to be the best version of you and you will begin to demand respect. It sounds like you are tired of being used for sex…it sounds like you are beginning to recognize your worth and I am so proud of you for that.  Just try some of the subtle changes I mentioned above and be sure to inbox me if I didn’t answer your question correctly. Just remember, you are worth it! xoxo

I have a number of male friends, but no female friends. I find most women are jealous. Any advice? 8. April 2016

I have always been concerned when I see women that have all male friends, but no female ones. I’m one to give an honest answer, so here it goes..let me first apologize on behalf of any woman that has hurt you.There are a number of genuine women out there that know how to be a good friend. I would like to encourage you to examine the type of relationship you have or didn’t have with your Mother. Your lack of relationship with your mother (or challenging one) may be the reason that you find it hard to be friends with women. Or, it could be that you have Daddy issues and that is why you feel more comfortable being around men. Either way, you (like all of us) have some baggage that you need to deal with. The fact that you asked this question tells me that a part of you realizes that there is an issue and that is a positive first step. I know men are great to be around, but that must get lonely. We all need a good female friend… and the fact that you felt comfortable enough to reach out to me tells me that you are capable of having a healthy relationship with a female friend. xoxo

How do you help your girlfriends who honestly think a man will solve all their problems and life will be perfect “if only” they were married? 7. April 2016

Lord hammercy. So, I have learned that you can’t help people who don’t want to listen, can’t seem to learn from other people’s mistakes and aren’t observant. Unfortunately, too many women live in a fantasy bubble that they have created, so they can’t see reality. You and I both know that a man can’t save a woman; complement them…yes, save…no.  If they are not willing to listen nor learn from other people’s choices, then they may have to learn the hard way. As a friend I know it can be frustrating, but don’t give up. Keep speaking the truth and honey, send them to read my blogs! Lol…between the two of us maybe one of them will see the light. On a serious note…YOU will be their best example so stay focused and don’t settle! xoxo

What advice can you give to someone who deals with constant battles and just wants a positive change and positive life? 7. April 2016

Oh Love. I understand. So, let me share with you a little bit…my move to Charlotte, NC was of my own will. I didn’t consult with God about it. I struggled there from day one (had some good moments) but everything was HARD. I was too proud to come back home and my daughter would cry when I mentioned returning back to Rochester. She enjoyed her school, had tons of friends and had balance. As she got a bit older, she saw and understood why we were struggling. However, even if she never understood why we were struggling, it was up to me as her mother to make the decision to move back home whether she was happy with it or not. I was so concerned about her feelings and dealing with my own pride that we ended up dealing with too many battles that didn’t have to happen. So, I said all that to say this…sometimes you have to make tough decisions and choices that won’t make you popular; you have to shift your mindset; sometimes you have to change your location; you may have to let some people in your life go, particularly if they are part of the reason you are in the battle; change your daily habits and last but not least…don’t just seek and listen to what God is telling you to do, you have to be obedient and DO it. Faith is an action word. I pray that you find strength, peace, abundant blessings and comfort. If you are going to make changes, do you it now…you are in the right place for a breakthrough. xoxo

I am an active Face Book follower of yours, so I know your daughter has a brother. How did it feel when you learned that your ex not only went outside of marriage, but also had a child as well? If you don’t mind me asking. Adultry and outcomes can be dealt in many different ways and I myself have been cheated on also…. 1. April 2016

Gabby’s brother came along after my ex and I were already divorced. Even if that wasn’t the case, my love for him would still be the same because he would have had nothing to do with his parents choices. When I found out about him cheating prior to the divorce, I felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest. Whether a child is a product of the infidelity (in this case it wasn’t) or you are dealing with the pain of your spouse cheating, you are going to deal with a number of emotions. The bottom line is that you have to forgive and not punish those who may have been innocently affected. Bitterness was something I couldn’t live with, so I had to let it go. I’m honored that you follow me on FB and I really appreciated this question as I am sure others were wondering as well.

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